PowerPlus Throttle Controller

We are proud to announce that ICONIC CUSTOMS is an official dealer for Power+ Africa.
The Power+ module is a plug and play electronic throttle controller that improves the throttle response of your vehicle and reduces any lag you may have once accelerating.
The Power+ boast different modes that cater for your desired performance/ driving conditions. Easily change between comfort, sport+, race and eco mode by the push of a single button. Each mode has 9 variations which allow you to achieve the perfect driving experience. Power+ has also incorporated an auto mode which adjusts to your driving style, effortlessly selecting between the different modes according to your acceleration.
The Power+ is available for most makes and models of vehicles (both automatic and manual) and is extremely easy to install. Simply plug in and go. It is also visually appealing with a sleek black front and a blue LED screen.
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if the customer isn’t fully satisfied, but trust us… you will be seriously impressed!

R2 000.00

PowerPlus Throttle Controller


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